Friday, December 24, 2010

Something has been poking me in the side here lately, and I needed to blog about it.

I am aware that there are thousands if not millions couples who suffer infertility everyday. Infertility can rage from unexplained, to recurrent miscarriages.

Something that always bothered me was, You're only 18,19,20,21 years old, you have plenty of time to have a baby. EH, WRONG! After suffering numerous miscarriages, that proof enough for me that we were on a limited time frame. Or another was, " At least you can get pregnant" What the heck kind of comment is that? At least I can get pregnant? So, you're telling me, well, it's a good thing I got pregnant to lose 5-6 pregnancies? These comments usually came from OTHER women who were having infertility issues. So, you'd think out of everybody these people would be the most sensitive to our situation. Just because we went on to have a healthy baby, doesn't mean that will happen again, or that we won't go on to lose another 5 pregnancies.

In my opinion, while infertility ranges from mild to severe, it doesn't mean one person deserves a baby more than another. I think a lot of women, myself included at one point in time, romanticize what our future children will be like, and we don't ever think about the stuff in between. Why? That's human nature. When we want something, we don't worry about the other stuff.

Nobody is the perfect mom. I don't care who claims to be. I don't care if you cloth diaper, breastfeed, formula feed, make your baby food, wear your baby, WHATEVER. This isn't a contest. This isn't about, " I deserve a baby more than you, because you've already had one baby".

That's what this entry is about. I can tell I've upset some people because I'm pregnant again. Maybe I should be a little more sensitive to those around me, but this is a happy time for me and my family, and most likely our last child. So, we'd like to enjoy it.

We truly were blessed, and we're about to be blessed a second time. I trust God. I trust him with all of my heart. I look to him everywhere I go, to give me the strength to know what I'm doing, to do what I need to do.

I hope in my heart of hearts, that all the women going through infertility, beat it, and go on to have many children. Merry Christmas, and have a very HAPPY New Year.

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