Saturday, December 12, 2009

Doctor update

We had our monthly appointment on Monday. I guess I forgot to update on that. It wasn't all the interesting honestly. In fact, I felt rushed. Which I don't like. I really don't care if they were busy, this was MY appointment. Michael didn't go in with me because he was still pretty sore from having his wisdom teeth removed. So, he stayed in the car. While I have sympathy for him, it still kind of made me mad he didn't feel like coming in. Then again, I've never had my wisdom teeth removed.

The doctor and I discussed a birth plan. While I know it is not legally binding, there is no reason they can't follow it if there is nothing preventing them from doing so. Plus, it's not like I'm asking for anything outrageous. I am just trying to make this as personal as possible. I believe the labor and birthing experience should be as personal and relaxing as possible. And yes, we plan on going "au naturale" No pain medication. Using natural pain management such as: Breathing techniques, massage, and a birthing ball.

I know I WILL WANT drugs throughout the proccess, it will ultimately be my will power that determines this. No, I have no problem with getting the drugs really. I know it can be benifcial for some. I just want to try doing things naturally at first. Women have been having babies for centuries without pain meds. I'm also not knocking women who do this. It's a personal decision.

We are not able to attend a Lamaze class. So, I found a DVD called, 'Laugh and Learn About Childbirth". It is probably the top selling Lamaze DVD out there. I got to see the first half for free and the woman who instructs it, really makes it fun to learn. She is funny too. She covers all aspects, including C-sections. I plan on buying the birthing ball sometime soon. For those of you who are pregnant, I really reccomend you check out the website, The DVd is 40 dollars, but we found it on Amazon for 14.95 brand new! So, be sure to do your research before you pay full price. It is a 4 hour long DVD.

I would be pretty heartbroken if I couldn't give birth naturally. If I had to have a c-section, fine, I know no matter how she comes into the world, I will love her just the same, but I really hope to give birth the way god intended lol. I mean thank god for c-sections, but I believe it takes away from the birthing experience. Some women actually prefer to have a c-section. WHY?! They cut through muscle and it is nearly impossible to get that tight again. Who want's saggy skin? Plus, it's surgery, and anything could happen. Don't get me started..
Oh, P.S. My morning sickness is back! BLEH!

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