Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Weekend

I haven't really been in on much the last few days.

A lot has gone in the past few days. One is that Nora and I are both sick. First time Nora's been this kind of sick in her life. Her first cold. I haven't been sick in about 2 years or more. I'm just in a funk. I tried to keep her from getting it. Michael even took care of her the past few days, A.  because I needed the break, and B. because I'm sick and I wanted to keep the baby from getting whatever it was I had.

My fil ( Father in law )came to visit which was fun. We all went out to Applebees for Veterans Day. The boys got a free meal which was nice. It was a pretty good meal.

Friday, we went Olive Garden and did some grocery shopping. We got Nora an activity table for Christmas by Fisher Price. It has a telephone, laptop type thing, a book, and a couple other little things to go along with it. That should keep her busy.

Saturday we went to mall. I went into Sears where I nearly threw a fit because they no longer carry "short" or "petite" jeans. It's so hard for me to find jeans because of my stature. I should not have to order my stuff online. I LOVED Kohls, but they also no longer carry short. What a bummer! I also noticed they has already decorated for Christmas. Santa's chair was out and Christmas decor was everywhere. Can we please get through Thanksgiving first? Christmas is so commercialized anymore and I find it extremely annoying. It's not about the toys, or how much money you spend. It's about Jesus Christ, tradition and togetherness. I mean, I LOVE Christmas, but I'd really like to enjoy Thanksgiving too. Anyways, I did find a nice pair of jeans at TJ Maxx for 16 bucks. I love their home decor too. Name brand, normally expensive stuff, for discounted prices; can't beat that.

Today I woke up to find Nora with a very snotty nose. She acts fine. In fact, I don't think she cares much, but I know she's sick. She sounds so congested and her little nose is 10 kinds of runny. I'm so glad my mom got her our Vicks vaporizer. I've been using her bulb syringe and Tylenol too. She seems a little better since this morning. Michael also went out and bought the Ipad today. I sent him out for buns and tampons and he came back with a friggin' Ipad. I wasn't too mad, but I wish we had talked about it a little more. He did say that would be his part of next years tax check. He also never splurges like that, so I couldn't be mad at him. It is actually a nifty "little" gadget. He also let me buy some clothes online. So, I splurged a little too. He's taking me to get my hair dyed and cut Friday. I need it. I need a little pampering once in a while.

Oh, here are a few clothing store I shop at for my clothing. Alloy, Delias, and American Eagle are my favs. Oh, and everything at IS 15 dollars. These are name brand clothing items, brand new. (online)

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