Tuesday, November 10, 2009

20 week ultrasound

So, we had our "Big" ultrasound on Monday. She is still a girl, there is no denying it. She was not very cooperative during the ultrasound though. We got all the shots, but the one of her spine because she was moving around so much. It is pretty obvious in the video how hard it was to get a good shot of her. She did not want to be messed with that day lol. When I go for my two week appt to check my cervix they will check her spine. It bothers me a little, because I haven't really been able to enjoy my pregnancy, because I always have some worry. After losing so many babies.. you just worry more. I know I lost them early on, but once you have a miscarriage, even one, just takes away the innocence of pregnancy. So not being able to see her spine, though it sounds harmless enough, really bothers me. Other than not being able to see her spine, everything else looked good. So, I am grateful. She is a very active baby, and her kicks get harder and harder each day.
We also have to fill out our hospital registry form, for when I deliver. I need to call Tricare tomorrow ( which is never fun ) and not just because they are an insurance company, but because they don't know their own system. One person will tell you one thing, and another person will tell you another. I won't get on that subject in this entry though, I'm just sayin'.
They also don't do water birthing anywhere in Alabama hospitals, which is really dissapointing for me, because this is something I've been interested in for a long time. I'm going to try VERY hard to go without medication, but I can't say what will happen, because I'm not there yet. We'll just have to see.
anyways, here is the Video of our little girl being her sassy self.

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