Friday, November 6, 2009

The weekend

It feels like Saturday to me. Hubby gets every other Friday off now, so I think that must be why it feels a day ahead. We are having a James Bond-a-thon this evening. I'm not a fanatic, I just like being able to spend time with my husband. They are good movies though.

Gizmo kept putting his toy/teeth cleaner in Michaels shoe to prop it up so he could chew on it. He is smart, I swear. My husband didn't like it though. He is afraid he will chew on his shoes instead, so he took away the shoes, which didn't set will with Gizmo. He also like to get in my husbands Gym bag. It's really big so I can see why. We call it Geemo Cave. Geemo is one of his many nick names by the way. Anyways, Michael doesn't like him in the bag either, so he zips it closed so he won't get in it. I personally don't stop him because I think it's cute lol.

I'm sure you all have heard about the Ft. Hood shooting. It definitely affected me, not just because I'm a military wife, but because I'm an American and this man turned against his fellow soldiers. I will not go to into this because it's almost impossible to get me to stop ranting about things like this, but my heart and prayers go out to the people personally affected by this tragedy.

Something else happend to a close family friend. Her niece was killed Yesterday. They are investigating it as a murder, which is sad because her granddaughter was also brutally murdered a couple years ago. My heart breaks for her. She has gone through so much.

Anyways, I suppose I should get going. Watching Bond and relaxing. Ciao!

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