Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hello all, it still feels a day ahead to me. I'll just have to get used to these three day weekends.

Anywho, I am getting a bit anxious to give our little girl a name. I don't mind reffering to her as 'her', but I would like to decide on a name, and SOON. I have thrown out a few names, but it seems Michael is far more picky than me. I think it's easier picking a girls name than a boys. You just can't be to creative with boys names, in my opinion of course. The names, Braydan, Jaydan, Aidan, and Kaydan are so overused. They are no longer original. I almost don't even bother asking women what they named have named their sons because chances are it's one of these 4 names lol. I don't like extravagant names for boys or girls. I like simple names. Something simple. I honestly don't want to tell anybody what we are naming her, until she is born, but I think telling Family would be okay.. I guess. I just want some things to be a suprise, that's all.
I am going to be somebody who mothers by the heart rather than by the books. It's not like I won't take advice, but nobody ever needed a book to parent. No mother is perfect. I don't expect to be the perfect mother either. I do however have fears I won't be a good mom. Why is this? I'm sure these are rational fears every mom-to-be has, but it causes me sooo much anxiety. I'm not even scared about labor and delivery. That is the last thing on my mind, fear wise that is.
Well, I suppose I should get going. We are watching more Bond tonight. Have a good night everybody.

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