Monday, November 23, 2009

Finally updating

So, I'm finally able to update. Not like I haven't had the time, just nothing worth writing about really. Anywho, Michael and I had our 2 week check. Everything looks fine. Baby finally showed us her spine. It looks great; completely closed.

She is a very active, silly baby. I feel her kick all the time, and her kicks are getting so much stronger every day. She kicked the ultrasound tech the whole time. She is so silly. We play tag on a regular basis too. I'll poke or rub my belly and she will kick me back. It's so cute.

We are going to spend our Thanksgiving with Michael's dad's side of the family this year. Michael hasn't seen anybody on his fathers side since 2002, which would have made him a freshman in highschool. I've never met anybody on this side of the family, so I look forward to meeting everybody. Plus, lots of good eats =D
Also, my grandma recently had Gall bladder surgery and I'm happy to say she seems to be healing just fine. She has been through a lot this year, dealing with cancer, and just all around not feeling well. I feel bad she hasn't been able to enjoy much of 2009. I hope 2010 is a brand new start for her. I love you Grandma.

Well, I should get going. I've added a 22 week photo. I hope everybody has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! Take care.

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